Foodie Friday no. 2

Monday, July 18, 2016


I know it's Monday, not Friday, but I have another food post so it is what it is. Since I moved here I've heard nothing but good things about Red Eye Brewing Company and when I finally tried it, surprise! It was incredible.

I've tried two kinds of their wood-fired pizza now: the Ratatouille and the Fromaggio (pictured above). The ratatouille is good, but the cheese is a little too strong for me and it felt like there was too much sauce relative to the vegetables in each bite. I'm also more of a white sauce girl which is why I tried the fromaggio next and it was delicious.

But the thing that I absolutely recommend and cannot get over is their garlic thyme fingerling potatoes. O. M. G. They're that picture above that kind of looks like a to-go bowl of salami but they're hands down the best potatoes I've ever had in my life. And I love potatoes. Seriously in every form: fries, mashed, baked and now the ultimate manifestation of my favorite rooty vegetable: garlic thyme fingerling.

If you're ever in Wausau, I would 100 percent recommend you stop by Red Eye Brewing. Then walk on over to Sweet Lola's for dessert.



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