Foodie Friday no. 1

Friday, July 08, 2016

Hi party people,

I'm going to start featuring places I love to eat every Friday on my blog. Food is such a huge part of my life and everywhere I've ever visited, one of the first things I do is orient myself by where the nearest bakery/sweet shop is.

Here in Wausau you can't even mention the word sweet without someone asking, "Have you gone to Sweet Lola's?" It's not just the adorable exterior that will get you, it's the endless supply of goodies inside that will finally do you in.

You'll walk in and be immediately struck by the variety of cupcakes in the front display and the tower of pink to-go boxes stacked behind the register. But what you haven't noticed yet is the decadent collection of pastries just behind the cashier and their recently added ice cream selection. It. is. heaven.

My first time there, I tried some chocolate ice cream with caramel and graham cracker. A+. Would recommend. The second time, I tried the cupcakes. And a peanut butter bar.

I've never met a peanut butter bar that was too rich for me to finish but Sweet Lola's definitely proved me wrong. The helping is pretty large but totally doable yet, I couldn't get halfway through it. The peanut butter and chocolate stuck to my mouth for just a second before melting down my throat. It was delicious, but you'll probably want to share with someone.

As for the cupcakes, these are their specialty. I tried Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Lemonade, Salted Caramel and my ultimate, personal absolute favorite: Piña Colada.

I don't know how to describe how good a Piña Colada cupcake is, but I'm going to try. Cupcakes don't usually feel like a summer treat to me, they're cakey and most of the time I prefer something cool like gelato.

But this cupcake, listen, it was coconutty and delicious and had coconut flakes on top and a really light frosting that seriously just melted in your mouth. Incredible.

The other flavors tasted how you'd expect: exactly like their names. I don't know how anyone makes cake taste like strawberry lemonade but they did it an it just worked.

So if you're ever in Wausau take a moment to stop downtown and indulge your sweet tooth at Lola's. There seriously is nothing better than the perfect treat to finish off your day.


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