Hey Twenty Sixteen

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Here are some other things that I'd like to try to do more (or less) of this coming year:

1. Wear my hair natural more
2. Get better at photography/editing
3. Write in my journal more
4. Eat less sugar
5. Do a yoga session every day
6. Read more books
7. Stop being so critical of myself
8. Nail down a personal budget
9. Keep my nails manicured
10. Speak up more

I'm not sure I've really resolved to do anything this year except try my best to let things come as they may. I have a real problem stressing about things out of my control and this year I'm trying to focus only on what I can control.

These are some things I am completely in charge of and that last one, speak up, is a biggie. I don't consider myself a shy person, but I really need to be better at voicing my opinions and not feeling guilty about it. Or even simply correcting people if they get my order wrong or straight up asking others for things I want.

This year is going to be a big one in terms of my (hopefully!) future career and I'm hoping that doing these little things while maintaining a positive attitude will help me have a much better 2016.

Did you resolve to do anything fun this year?



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