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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Whenever I get books for Christmas, I know it'll be a good great break from college life. In fact, this year most of my Christmas list was books. The last time I really read books for fun, not for class, was back in high school. To this day a lot of my favorite reads are ones I consumed as a young adult or even as far back as elementary school because that was honestly the last time I was able to read multiple books at once, and tear through them as quickly as possible. 

This year, I got a few books that I'm excited to dive into, plus a kindle fire. I always prefer to read the physical copy of a book but last semester my backpack was just too heavy with my multiple textbooks and I felt I needed to do something or perishI'm hoping to get my textbooks digitally and then have room for a physical fun read in my backpack.

Anyway, here's what I'm reading right now:

I read The Fountainhead last year per Connor's request and have found myself completely engrossed in the story of Atlas Shrugged. If you've never read Rand before, I suggest starting with her shortest book, Anthem, as a little teaser then moving onto The Fountainhead and finally tackling Atlas. 

It seems like a daunting task, seeing as the book is the 7th longest novel in the English language, but I promise, once you're used to her writing style it reads quickly and easily. I've really grown to appreciate certain characteristics she writes into her protagonists and although people seem to be really divided on her opinions and theories about how to live your life, even if you take her books at just face value (although I'd argue it's impossible not to dive deeper into her ideas) they make for a really interesting, thought-provoking read.

Progress: Right now, I'm about halfway through the 1,069 page book.

I've been on an Office kick since I finished Friends (a moment of silence for the months it took me to get through all 10 seasons) and didn't even realize that the character Ryan is B.J. Novak who writes all sorts of funny things in addition to writing The Office, and this book is one such funny thing. 

I added the book to my Christmas list at the recommendation of Joanna Goddard and kind of forgot about it until I opened it on Christmas morning. For some reason I thought it was one long story, maybe an autobiography or something but it's a collection of short stories that are hilarious

Seriously, when Joanna wrote about it saying: "I knew it would be funny, but I was surprised to find how beautiful, wise and poignant many of the short stories are," she's not exaggerating. I laughed out loud at the first few stories and it's been my go-to before bed read or something if I need a little pick me up. It's a gem of a book for sure.

Progress: I've made it through a third of the short stories.

If a Pulitzer Prize for fiction isn't high enough praise, here's Joanna's initial thoughts on it. She ordered it without reading any synopsis and I added it to my list as well. It's a long one, at 800 pages, and I haven't read anything about it yet. 

I usually don't like to read about books before I get my hands on them because I love when the plot unfolds in front of me organically, without me knowing something is supposed to happen. I was glad to unwrap this one on Christmas and pretty much all I can tell you at this point is I like the cover and am curious as to what that tells me about the story itself.

Progress: It's on my shelf, next in line to read. Can't wait to get started.

Anyway, that's about it for what I'm reading right now. If you're curious, here is my complete Christmas list of books I wanted:

Let me know if you're reading something fun! 



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