Viva Las Vegas

Thursday, October 15, 2015

just a reminder that people are humans and not every photo is perfect. at all.
We stopped in Las Vegas for a few hours the day of the Rise festival. I haven't really been to Vegas other than my family going to Circus Circus when I was younger so it was fun to explore and just experience it.

Vegas was about an hour and a half from the desert where the festival was and we spent the morning going through casinos and walking up and down the strip. The Bellagio is incredible and was my favorite hotel by far. (That pumpkin doe!) I could never live in Vegas however, it was so hot.

It was pretty funny, the morning we set out for Vegas, Con and his mom and I were all dressed in black shirts and black pants. It was unintentional and hilarious. People made jokes all day long about funerals but we all knew we were the chicest (albeit hottest) people in Vegas that day.

Tomorrow I'll post about the actual Rise festival tomorrow. Hope you're having a wonderful week!



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