Tibble Fork Reservoir

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

photos of me by Connor Allen | others by yours truly

I can never spell "reservoir" on the first try. Or "receive." Or "definitely." But at least I'm aware, right?

Anyway, Con and I headed to our backyard to take some photos on a rainy day last week. Even though I'm not the most outdoorsy person in the world, I'm still always impressed with how incredible our mountains are.

We both have really busy semesters so it was nice to take an evening to just enjoy Utah's amazing landscape. I forget all too often how lucky we are to have the mountains right behind us. People travel from all over the world to see and ski them and I am definitely (yes - got it on the first try!) going to take advantage of them more this fall.

This week is going by so slowly. I think it's because Fall Break is around the corner. Oh, I love Fall Break. It means so many happy things for me. I'm half-way done with the semester, it's October (my favorite month), no school....my birthday! I'm just really excited. I'm leaving town on Friday afternoon and I can't wait to have time to relax.

Here are some things I've been obsessed with lately:

  • Reading screenplays. Okay, just one so far but I think I might make a habit of it. Wes Anderson is a brilliant writer and my film teacher recommended getting our hands on one of his screenplays so we could truly appreciate his art and it has been so fun to read. I bought this one and I love it almost as much as the movie at this point.
  • Urban Decay's matte lipstick in 1993 - it's dark and moody and I like it a lot for fall. Also I was born in 1993 so I just feel like it's mine. I'm wearing it in this photo and I feel like it's just a good natural color.
  • This tumblr is just the best thing to scroll through endlessly. I just want to dive into whatever world this is. It's so fall. Such tones. Much warmth.
  • Using Evernote to keep all of my class notes in one place. I'm taking 17 credits this semester and things are crazy but after my dad suggested organizing myself with Evernote my life has been infinitely easier. You can create different "notebooks" for each class and continue to add notes to them. You can add photos and recordings to the notes and whenever you save, it automatically updates your online versions so you never have to worry about losing your notes. You can also make a to-do list for each notebook and I've been able to track my homework assignments through that. It's just great. Get the free version and make your life easier!
  • This song has been stuck in my head for days.
  • My hair used to be super curly (I don't know what happened - I got a blowout before I went to Italy and I think I may have ruined the curls) and I always appreciate when someone has really big thick curly hair because mine never seemed to work out that way. But this woman's hair gives me life. And also these shoes of hers. Could I pull them off? What about these?
Alright well I've got to go study for a test I forgot about on Thursday so I'll write more later this week. I hope your day is fantastic and if you have Fall Break coming up just remember, you're almost there! You can do it!



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