L.A. Lovin'

Sunday, September 27, 2015

(Sorry for the photo overload) It's been a busy month with school and work and travel! This month I got the chance to attend a conference in L.A. with my two digital managers Erin & Justin. We got to hear from speakers in different fields pertaining to online publishing and overall it was a really great experience.

We ate great food, got to see a preview of a movie that hasn't been released yet (I really liked it - you should go see it when it comes out) and most importantly, we got to see the ocean. I love the ocean so so much and everything in life is so much better by the sea. We also got ourselves a parking ticket our first morning there and got a taste of L.A. traffic.

Which is NOT a joke by the way. When people complain about L.A. traffic they are serious. I honestly can't even complain about my 45 - 50 min drive up to campus anymore because their commute is insane. We spent so much time just sitting in traffic just to go a few miles. I don't know if I could ever do that every single day.

Anyway, it was a grand time and I'm incredibly fortunate that my job has allowed me to have these incredible experiences with such great people. We all learned a lot and are excited to take what we've learned back with us and put it to work!



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