Filmmaking in Italy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

When I was in Italy, the last five weeks of my program were spent working on a student short film. I was actually a part of two productions. One of them was my own and I made a short film about the sea. The other, I acted in for my really talented friend: Maggie Glendenning. You can watch them both here.

My film had a rough start. I knew I wanted it to be in Italian because I had invested so much time and money into learning the language and I also knew I wanted to do a film about the ocean. That was pretty much it. I had originally planned to have scenes of the ocean set to a poem written by an Italian author, but my professor encouraged me to try to write something myself, to show how I felt about the sea.

After having a hard time writing anything, eventually I ended up alone, in a café, just writing for half an hour. Then things started to come together and here is the final result. Hope you enjoy!



Caterina from Maggie Glendenning on Vimeo.

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