Love where you are

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

After being abroad and living out of a backpack for three months and constantly being on the go, sometimes it is just nice to enjoy being....home, as weird as it is to say that.

I have always had a hard time living here. I've wanted to move out of state as long as I can remember. I guess it's hard because even though it's beautiful, I'm just not interested in the kinds of activities that are popular in my own backyard.

My family isn't an outdoor family, hiking seems to be a lot of exertion for very little reward, I don't ski or snowboard....the list goes on and it's just been less-than-ideal. But after having such an incredible experience abroad and also looking forward to graduating and move out of state, I've decided I can't be wasting my time wishing I was in the past or the future, I really need to learn to love where I am.

Loving my state. Loving going to school. Loving living at home (ugh it hurts haha). Loving being back in the U.S. I need to learn to love it all, because it is my life, right now.

I can still appreciate my past and look forward to my future while living in the present. And as the summer comes to an end and school begins I'm going to be work on it by having new experiences, treating my home like I'm a tourist and making the best of it. It's not going to be easy and there will be days where I'll reaaallllyy wish I was in Italy or making a new life in another place, but I know that it's what will make me happiest, enjoying exactly where I am for the time being.

Learn to love where you are.



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