Siena pt. 7 - Week 2 Outfits (kind of)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sun - A day at the beach in Orbetello: kate spade swimsuit and Florentine hat
Wed - Climbing the tower in Piazza del Campo: black wrap dress, tights, Florentine boots
Sat - Exploring Firenze (again): chambray button up, rain jacket, leggings, Boston hat, nikes & a rainbow umbrella


- Denim Jacket: Man, I really planned to wear this so much but I haven't touched it very much since the day I arrived.
-Cargo vest: This was one of the pieces I was most excited for - I couldn't wait to layer it over literally everything but I've only worn it once and I took it off later in the day and had to just tote it around because it was too hot. It is the one thing taking up the most space in my bag and I regret bringing it.


-Neoprene water bottle: I thought it was kind of silly because I could just buy water everywhere I went right? Well water gets expensive to buy every time you go somewhere and having one to fill up has been super useful. Only I left mine in a bookstore this week so I had to go buy a new one but, whatevs. It's a really great thing to have.
-A tote: I'm glad I brought a tote for my school stuff and it's smaller than my backpack so I don't have to lug that around all day. Also shameless promotional shoutout to Banana Republic for making a nearly indestructible leather tote. I have filled that thing so full of crap everyday and it has prevailed!


- Black Jeans: While I was in Florence I bought a pair of black jeans from Zara. (Side note: So happy there is a Zara. I just want to buy the whole store.) I needed pants because my leggings were the only "pants" I brought and it has rained quite a bit this past week.


-Converse sneakers: Random, but I really wish I brought them with me. I'm so sick of wearing the same three (now two -- RIP black flats) pairs of shoes and sometimes it would be nice to have another option that I could wear anywhere in rain or sun.
-Boyfriend Jeans: Even though some days are really hot, I just with I had a comfortable pair of jeans to throw on when it rains
-ALLERGY MEDS: Was not thinking about that possibility AT ALL. But seriously, I'm dying. It's actually to blame for my only have two photos to post for this week's outfit round up.

So this week was a rough one physically. Monday after school was the worst day of allergies I've had so far. I had a headache so bad it hurt to walk. Every step I took, every source of light, it set off a throbbing in my head that made it impossible to enjoy anything. I endured a walk to get gelato and the walk to the bus station, but nearly collapsed on the bus. It was my roommate's first day at school and I'm sure she thought I was going to die before we got home.

The moment I walked through the door I collapsed and didn't wake up until 8:00pm. I found two Advil pills in a mini emergency kit someone got me. I took them both and didn't wake up again until our host mom told us dinner was ready around 9:30pm. I think I was also dehydrated but it was the worst few hours of my experience here.

Because of my allergies (or dehydration) or whatever it was, the absolute last thing I wanted to do was take photos of my outfits. So you only get three days this week. I've been coughing since last Monday and although my throat and head don't hurt anymore, my nose has been running like crazy. My eyes are all red and itchy and it's just annoying. Italian medicine is also really different from American medicine and I have yet to find cough drops....

But anyway. I'm so behind on blogging but I will definitely have more tomorrow.

A domani!


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  1. look at your life! and i wish i could help you out with the allergy things! :(


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