Siena pt. 8 - "Frizzante"

Friday, May 29, 2015

my lovely professoressa
I was so ready for the "Italian Touch!"
I kinda freaked out at this part because she just went for it the moment I said, "taglilo!" I didn't even have time to think.
getting it darkened
waiting for it to set
touching up the actual haircut
sierra getting her hair curled
happy roommates
So I guess this summer is really one for the books, eh? I have been learning a lot about myself and even more about this culture I've grown to love. The funny thing is, we have so much more in common with other cultures than we think. Take for instance a salon. Women are truly the same everywhere. We all want to look our best and despite our cultural differences things are still the EXACT same in many places: salons, clothing stores, shoe stores etc...

I had asked my teacher Giulana where to go if I wanted to get my hair done. I was tired of the blonde and after two weekends of going to the beach and seeing this photo of the back of my head, I knew I needed to do something. ASAP. My roommate Sierra (pictured above) also wanted to get her hair done so Giuliana made an afternoon of it. We actually went to three different places and decided the last one fit our needs the best. Our hairdresser's name is Lucia. She was fabulous and very kind.

The first salon we went to had a wait and I was trying to listen closely to what Giuliana and the hairdresser were saying because I'm really trying to learn the vocabulary for the important things in life: like hair and shopping. I didn't understand much but there was one word that jumped out and it happened when she gestured at my hair and said, "Something...something...frizzante...something...." and I knew full well what that meant. It's a word I've been all too familiar with my whole life.

And it was during that walk from the first salon to the last that I decided to cut it. I haven't cut my hair in a long time and it's so damaged and "frizzante" from dying and changing it and I realized I'm so ready for a change. We found Lucia and the process was pretty simple since my hair had gotten so much lighter from the sun and I really, really love how it turned out. It looks a lot healthier and I think I look happier and lighter. You can even tell from my expressions in the before and after photos I took that there is a visible change in the way I'm feeling.

It's amazing what an afternoon spent in good company can do for the soul. Also what time and Italy can do for the soul....but that's another matter entirely. I was listening to Giuliana speak with Lucia and they talked about Lucia's life and her kids just the same as women in the U.S. would talk about their kids and get their hair done. I've learned quite a few lessons this week: people aren't as different as we make them out to be and sometimes it's just best to let some things go and embrace change. It's inevitable, yes, but when you open yourself up to change and let go of the past you'll be amazed at the outcome.

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  1. Your hair looks AMAZING. Seriously. So beautiful, bouncy, and full of life. Bleaching my hair totally fried it so I know what you mean. Unfortunately I can't afford to cut off any of it since my hair is so short already! But I haven't been using any heat and my hair is improving. Maybe someday my hair will look like yours tho! lol dream hair!!!

    1. Leah I still want hair like yours one day! A really short platinum cut. But I feel you so hard on the hair thing. haha Why can't we invent dye that doesn't damage hair already?? It's 2015!


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