Siena pt. 4 - Week 1 Outfits

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mon - First day of class: navy tee, striped skirt & black flats
Tues - Antonio's: floral dress, cargo vest & leather sandals
Wed - Cooking class: gingham shirt, pleated black skirt & black flats
Thurs - School: white dress, leather flats | Carnival & Dancing: (not pictured) white tee & high low skirt
Fri - Exploring Firenze: black leggings, white sweater, rain jacket, scarf, red bag & nikes
Sat - More exploring Firenze: black leggings, black shirtdress, new Italian boots! (not pictured: rain jacket & red bag) 

Here's a recap of what I wore during my first week in Italy. It's been a crazy week and I've learned a lot already about what I did pack and more importantly, what I didn't. For example:

  • My curling iron - everyone told me not to bring it and I almost packed it but last minute took it out of my bag. I assumed it would be too humid for me to ever curl my hair.... and even though it is crazy humid I could have totally maintained my full curls if I had only brought it
  • More pants/bottoms - I didn't bring one pair of jeans and I think it would have been helpful to at least bring one pair and I wish I had brought more skirt options, I could have mixed and matched more with my tops
  • Allergy medicine - not clothes but omg my eyes and nose are killing me! There's cotton flying everywhere and I just am dying from the sniffles and itchy redness

  • My film cameras - I know these aren't clothes but I did pack both my digital and manual film cameras and I haven't touched them ONCE! I've just been so busy and I live so far from the city that riding the bus and carrying everything with me all day is annoying so I haven't taken any photos with them. I'll try to make time to use them this week
  • My denim jacket - it's too freaking hot here
  • My black wrap dress - haven't had a reason to whip that baby out yet but I might go out with my host mom and her friends on Tuesday so we'll see...
  • A real Italian leather jacket in Siena - so good. soo good.
  • Made in Florence Italian leather boots - off season sale for the win ladies!
  • ALL THE SHOES - omg are you kidding me Italy? Really? I underestimated you. All your beautiful handmade shoes taunting me from your window displays. I'm in so much trouble
  • ALL THE CLOTHES - wow your people are dressed so well from head to toe, how can I emulate that? Oh, by buying everything? Si, I understand... take my money!
  • A massage - holy crap my body feels like it's been hit by a train. My shoulders are dead from lugging backpacks and totes around, my legs & booty are gonna be so fine by the time I get back because I walk freaking everywhere and I think I pulled a hamstring dancing the other night.... It's bad haha
  • Black flats - I ruined my J. Crew black flats on the cobblestones of Italy (week 1 of 13 weeks people!) and I planned to wear them a lot so I'm going to have to replace them with their Italian counterparts....what a shame ;)
I didn't post about my outfit on Sunday because I just traveled all day, but it was my maxi dress and denim jacket and scarf (pictured with Winston here). If you missed my packing post you can see everything I brought with me here

A domani amici!


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  1. I love that white dress!! I guess you can never totally be satisfied in what you pack if you're going for so long so I think you did a pretty good job! When I lived in Boston I totally destroyed all my shoes on the cobblestones so I feel you there! I'm sure you are devastated about buying another pair of shoes :) I would have 0 self control, debt forever without regret.

    1. Riley OMG I have no self control. It's amazing here. Like every pair of shoes you could ever want they have and more. But yeah, I had no idea that cobblestones would mess up my shoes so much!


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