Siena pt. 2 - "Look a gattino!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

on the way to class | the door to my school
scooters are everywhere
the actual real view from my classroom window
lunch is so good - everything is so good
on a tour of the city
every building is bright and colorful
a kitty!
yay for new friends!

This week is flying by. I keep forgetting to post all the things I'm doing and I'm afraid I'm going to forget! Here's what happened on Monday, my first full day in Siena.

I woke up and my host mom made me un cappucino (she makes me one every morning) and I had a yogurt and some biscotti. Then I walked down the street to the bus stop and waited for the number 9 bus. It takes me about 25 mins depending on the traffic to get to the bottom of the city. Then I walk from the piazza to my school.

I'm in Italian language classes until the afternoon then I'm free to explore. We had a welcoming lunch and it (like everything else in this country) was delicious. After lunch we went on a guided walking tour of the city and it was incredible. The city is so so so beautiful and picturesque. I don't even understand how something like it exists.

After the tour I walked around a little bit and looked at some shops and then I went back to the piazza to take the bus to my host family's house outside the city. Sometimes it's hard to be so far away from the city, but it definitely has forced me to understand and use the bus system in a foreign country and now I feel like I can do anything!

I have been missing my cat Winston so much and on my way home, right outside the apartment was this little cat! It meowed at me and followed me to my door. It just made me so happy to see a cat. I sound like a crazy lady but really, I miss my cat so much. He's like my child.

Anyway. I'll write more later. Ciao!


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