NYC pt. 3 - Museums

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Central park!
Ju is bae
Behind this incredible sculpture is the most beautiful, bright hallway full of sculptures and I could have spent forever in here
Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat?
I really identified with this couple. Like, that's going to be me and my partner someday. We'll have memberships here.

I think my new favorite thing may be "Art Gifs"
You could have gotten lost in the European Art section. Which is essentially what I did.
I saw real Degas! Real Van Goghs!
This guy was sketching this painting and he was doing a fabulous job
This is probably my favorite Art Gif
A Jackson Pollock at the MoMA
what's funny is that I say the word "oof" all the time -- who knew it was art?
I met up with my friend from Germany, Victoria, who was randomly in NYC the same days I was! So crazy.
I'm trying to get these posts up before I forget everything that happened each day. I'm back in Utah now and I miss NYC already. I highly encourage everyone to at least visit. It's such a different place with a really unique environment. A contagious one. I felt inspired and ambitious there. It's amazing to be able to feel that just from a city.

Ju and I wanted to start this day (Friday) bright and early and visit museums and do things but we ended up sleeping until 10:30am. Hah. To be fair that was 8:30 Utah time and we were just so tired. But we got up and got ready and headed out to Central Park. I now understand the charm of this one park. It's in all the movies for a reason. And it's much quieter than the rest of the city, which was curious, but I loved it.

We walked through the park until we got to the Met. I ate my first New York hot dog outside the Met which was great. Then we saw all the food trucks outside the Met and promised ourselves we'd indulge after our great Met adventure. We got inside the Met and split up and only had about 2 hours to get through whatever we wanted. My feet were SO DEAD from walking so much but I knew I had to push through. This was THE MET for crying out loud!

Ju managed to see almost everything, but I had a different approach. I basically just got lost in the Greek and Roman sculpture exhibit and then wandered over to the European paintings where I died and went to heaven and then got lost in some section that showcased European sculpture and decorative arts. There were a bunch of rooms full of items set up how how rooms historically would be during different time periods in Europe. There was a lot of Rococo and I was just so pleased with everything I saw.

We planned to meet up at 2:30pm in the gift shop and I got lost trying to find it but love prevailed and I found Ju again. Then we went outside the Met and she got a crêpe and I had a smoothie and she bought a little stone fox for a souvenir and I bought a framed watercolor of a New York scene and all was right in the world.

We walked for many, many blocks until we got to the MoMA which had a deceivingly long line (several blocks) outside its doors.

If you're visiting New York and you want to see the MoMA and all the art it houses, DO NOT go on a Friday afternoon. After 4:00pm they have free admission if you're willing to wait in line for a ticket and it was a MAD HOUSE. Since it's one of the most expensive museums in a city that appreciates art, there were so. many. people. Don't make the same mistake we did.

I couldn't see anything really and couldn't even enjoy the experience so I just found out which floors the things I wanted to see were on (Starry Night, Water Lillies, Pollock) and then we got out of there. The only bonus was that we got to meet up with my friend who was in New York with some other students from Germany and it was so crazy that we even got to see each other so that made it better. Also I got to see Starry Night which was a little smaller than I expected but hey, it is beautiful.

This is only part one of this day of exploration, I'll post more tomorrow but I just wanted to write it out before life gets in the way and I forgot some things!



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  1. yes write it all down! i'm glad love prevailed and you two found each other again hahahaha.

    1. haha right?! we finally found each other. Also, I'M OBSESSED with New York.


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