NYC pt. 1 - Times Square

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I'm beginning to start all of these posts the same: "Sorry I haven't posted...I'm alive...yadda yadda..." Part of the reason I haven't blogged (this time) is because I applied to be editor in chief at my school paper and...I got it! You can read about that here.

Anyway, since I've been busy trying to get things taken care of for the paper in the middle of finals and all that, it's been hard to blog but I went on an adventure which makes for great blog posts.

My school paper gets invited to news conferences with different publications pretty frequently but hasn't been able to send anyone to them. Fortunately for me and my managing editor Miss Ju, we were able to attend one this year. And not just any old conference mind you, a conference with The New York Times! It was kind of crazy timing because we've both got so much going on with school and work but we couldn't say no to The Times.

We were scheduled to leave early (ish) this morning but because of the weather, our flight was postponed until the afternoon. So we just sat on her couch and watched Mona Lisa Smile and an hour of Hairspray. Then we made the trek to the bus stop then to the train station and then finally made it to the airport.

Our connecting flight was in Chicago, IL and we left at such a pretty time. Look at that sunset! I love flying so much. I will never tire of the feeling I get on an airplane. It is always incredible to me, no matter how many times I fly, that I am moving through the sky. I am traveling through the clouds. I love it. I can't get enough. I smile every time I take off and I love the feeling just before the plane touches down, it's the best kind of roller coaster ride.

We landed in New York around 10:30ish and we were really tired but New York doesn't sleep and I really, really wanted to see Times Square so I dragged Ju out of our surprisingly nice hotel and we walked over there. Did I mention it's my first time in New York? I've never been before. So far I love it. It's loud and bright and busy and the energy here is just fantastic! The guy jumping in Times Square behind Ju photobombed her and he saw that I was going to take a photo and he started running, jumped and then walked off like nothing happened. It was great.

We meet with the New York Times tomorrow and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us. I'm super excited but also super tired. I'll write more later!



P.S. Also that dessert is a napoleon. It's delicious. I got it from a real-live corner New York Deli! But if you want to try one, the best one in all of Utah is located here. It is UNREAL. Go and eat one immediately.

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