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Friday, November 07, 2014

it's November now and sometimes my hair looks nice

Life’s been kind of crazy since I got back from my trip, stuff happening with midterms and projects at work and life in general. I'm working in Park City and the commute has been okay but I'm worried that once it snows, things are going to get cray. I've been writing more for the paper and that's been fun for me. I'm not really sure of anything (read: graduating, real life, money, jobs) and it kind of freaks me out. Sometimes I think about the future and I kind of panic and can't breathe. And then I avoid thinking about it. All I'm sure of is that I love my cat and he loves me too, okay? I just want to read books in bed all day.

So anyway, here are some things that have been distracting me while I’m supposed to be working:
  • I really really really want to see this movie. Eddie Redmayne is kind of my ultimate celebrity crush. I think he’s adorable. I’m a sucker for freckles and British accents.
  • I wish I had the courage/money to dye my hair this color right now.
  • Obsessed with these colors for fall.
  • One day when I’m rich I’ll have all of these sweaters.
  • Hi yes hello can I live here?
  • Any Zelda fans out there? My most favorite game, Majora’s Mask, is coming out for the 3DS and it is the best thing ever.
  • I got to interview LIGHTS for the newspaper. She’s super nice and passionate about life. I’m going to her concert at The Complex tomorrow.
  • Grammar nerds, feast your eyes on THIS!
  • Cats. Always cats. (Buzzfeed has a “This week in Cats” newsletter. I subscribed. It’s a problem.)
  • Speaking of cats…Can I pull off cat-eye glasses?

I hope you have a great rest of your day and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Pretty please post about your favorite books. I'll read them all, I promise.

    Thank you.

    1. Ah!! Mila. DONE. My books post will be dedicated to you. There's a lot so be prepared.

  2. I'm going to Lights too!!!!! That's awesome you got to interview her.

    1. GIRL. I'll see you there!! :) She was soo nice and I'm excited to go to her concert.

  3. 1. can we please see that movie together? and get treats?
    3. that london apartment… perfect. have you seen the apartment in the beginning of the transformers with shia labouef? it's also perfect and i feel like it's in london.
    4. i know the difference between it's and its, but i didn't find out about it until 12th grade so now i always spell it wrong and it's embarrassing
    5. if i know anyone who could pull off cat eye lenses it's you. do it.

    1. AhHHH!

      1. the movie comes out Nov. 25th I think? I'll probably cry a lot
      2. I think late November is when it's going to happen
      3. I LOVE THAT APARTMENT that was like the only good thing about that 2nd transformers movie
      4. I need to make a list of words that I spell wrong on a daily basis: things like receive and nauseous (every.single.time)
      5. I think I'm going to order them!


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