Northwest Name Day Tour pt. 6

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I'm almost done with these! There were just so many pictures taken and so many things that were done.

Anyway, we left La Push and on our way we passed the treaty line (#teamjacobforlife) and it was kind of hilarious that the sign even exists, but guys, it does. La Push Beach (the most beautiful place in the world) is actually on the reservation and I was pretty pumped to be staying with the werewolf crowd. Then we drove for awhile, found a really beautiful lake, stopped to take pictures, then rode a ferry into Seattle. I really like riding the ferry. It was one of the most fun things we did during the trip. You just drive your car onto it and then you can get out and see what's happening on deck. There's something really romantic about floating to your next destination.

Seattle was a lot of fun. It's a bustling city, full of things to do. We saw the gross gum wall, stuck our own pieces of gum to it, then went to Pike Place Market. There were tons of different vendors and the moment we walked in, I heard some ladies speaking Hmong (which NEVER happens!). I kinda freaked out and got really excited and wanted to buy flowers from them, and Con wouldn't let me do it unless I spoke to them in Hmong and so I did and it was really one of the most random but rewarding experiences of the trip/my life. I so rarely get to speak Hmong to anyone other than my family, it was really cool to recognize it in an unexpected place and chat with them. The flowers were gorgeous and so cheap! There were incredible GIANT bouquets that were only $15.00 and the beautiful one I bought was $5.00. Everyone was buying flowers. It's a lovely thing that happens.

We wandered the city a little more before finding the perfect place to eat. It's called the Pink Door. And it's actually just a pink door down this alley. We passed it about 3 times before we finally saw the teeny tiny sign that read, "The Pink Door" and we were like, this is the best city. So you open the door and it's perfect inside and you go down these stairs into the ground and there are people there to seat you and there is a stage for live music and a swing hanging from the ceiling and mismatching chandeliers everywhere, it's amazing. The food was great and the company was greater and I wish Salt Lake had something like that.

I miss it so much already,


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  1. ok $5 for flowers is AMAZING. also the ferry from seattle to bainbridge is my favorite thing, so i feel ya on that.

  2. Wow. These photos are absolutely stunning! Now I want to take a trip to the PNW soo bad!


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