Northwest Name Day Tour Pt. 5

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

photos by Connor Allen

You guys. I was doing so great with posting. Then I went back to real life. So here's another post about the trip that I haven't got to yet:

We made the trip to La Push, WA the morning after my birthday. It was a pretty long drive, about 4 hours, but it was beautiful. We stopped whenever we felt like stopping and the first few pictures are from an unnamed lake we just happened upon and decided to pull over.

Connor wanted to find La Push after he and I watched this video and stalked their adorable indie life in the Pacific Northwest. Little did we know that La Push is one of the most beautiful places on earth. (yes, La Push is the beach referenced in Twilight --Fun Fact: The scene in Twilight was actually filmed on Cannon Beach, where we were a few days we basically just took a Twilight tour)

Maybe it was the fact that we arrived at sunset or that our hotel was literally on the beach, but whatever the reason, we were in awe and couldn't believe that this was an actual place in the world. It was so serene and such a different kind of beach than I'd ever visited.

If I ever go missing because life gets too stressful and no one's heard from me in awhile, it safe to assume I made my way to La Push and I'm doing just fine.



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  1. This is so amazing! I've written down all the places you went to and me and my husband are seriously making a trip out for spring break/our anniversary to look at all this beauty. I wouldn't mind if you posted more.


  2. Ok, those two pictures of you on that giant fallen tree trunk are 100% perfect.


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