Northwest Name Day Tour Pt. 4 - 21st Birthday!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

the fresh face of a newly-turned 21 year old
we decided to hike b/cuz the views were amazing 
"The Recognition of a Photo Opportunity" 
this will probs be our first album cover
photos by Connor Allen
We had tinfoil dinners on the beach around a cozy campfire the night before my birthday. There's something so comforting about the sound of the ocean next to the warmth of a fire.

The morning of my birthday we headed out to Pig N' Pancake where we met the nicest lady who gave us kid's menus to color. When we walked in she was sharpening crayons and we commented on it and she said something along the lines of, "You never know when the next Picasso will walk in and when they do I want to make sure they have sharpened crayons!" She was seriously adorable.

We finished up breakfast and went over the Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach and spent some time just enjoying the scenery. There is a state park that overlooks the beach and we went exploring and somehow ended up on a hike.

Disclaimer: I never really hike. I love good views, don't get me wrong but hiking isn't my forte, and I don't love putting myself through torturous walks only to come back sans granola bars and having to go to the bathroom the whole way down. That being said, it was a beautiful hike, the views were stunning, I didn't fall even once and we made it out without any disasters.

After the hike we ate some pizza in town and then went shopping at some of the really cute boutiques lining the beach. I went into a toy store and found the game Pick-up Sticks. Brandon didn't believe that this children's game could be a game of intense mental and physical skill so naturally I bought it and intended to show the boys how it's done. In the middle of our shopping adventures it started pouring rain so we headed to the hotel that actually turned out to be a cottage all to ourselves on the beach!

Ask me if we spent the next 3 hours playing Pick-up Sticks in an adorable cottage while the rain pattered on the windows. You better believe we did. Around dinner time we ventured out to find a place to eat and ended up having amazing steak at a place called Driftwood. The hostess was so nice and came over to chat with us and joked about my 21st birthday and wondered why I spent it here, in the rain, at a local quiet homey restaurant, but I really couldn't have imagined a better way to spend it.

Following dinner we went back to the cottage and played another few rounds of Pick-up Sticks before heading to bed. Yup. That's how 21-year olds do it. #turnup



P.S. This makes me laugh every time I watch it.

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  1. obsessed with everything about this. mainly how adorable all these pictures are and that image of you all playing pick up sticks is SO CUTE. anyways, congratulations on having the cutest life.


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