Northwest Name Day Tour Pt. 3

Friday, October 17, 2014

these are shining faces of happiness b/cuz food
my first moment on Cannon Beach, OR
photos by Connor Allen

Portland round two found us a little more rested and bright eyed, ready for some adventure. We followed Siri to Einstein Bros Bagels and she kept pronouncing it "Einstein Las Vegas" which made us laugh. Then we made our way to the highlight of the trip so far: Powell's City of Books. Let me tell you, it's heaven. It's an entire city block (68,000 square ft ladies and gents) of books. Three stories high! We probably spent at least two hours there and could have easily spent a lot more time exploring.

After they dragged me out of the foreign language section and back into real life, we wandered for awhile, just shopping and found Zeus Cafe at Crystal Hotel. I cannot even explain the deliciousness that caressed my mouth during that luncheon, but please, if you're ever in Portland, try the fries, order anything and everything. It. Was. Amazing. Guys, I have a problem. I love food, so much.

Anyway, then we drove about two hours to Cannon Beach, OR where I found out I really love the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. I've always been a beach girl and I miss the ocean the moment I leave it, but this was my first time seeing the ocean with rocky cliffs and fog and I love it. It was absolutely breathtaking and I'll cherish this place forever.



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  1. look how cute you are in these pictures. also, food love = yes. keep blogging! i'm loving this!!!!!!

    1. I'm trying to do so much better at blogging haha I have soooo many photos to get through!


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