Northwest Name Day Tour Pt. 2

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

photos by Connor Allen

Following Boise, ID, we drove another three and a half hours to Pendleton, OR where we stayed for the night. It was a long day of driving and we had hoped to sleep soundly to prepare for the next leg of the trip. However, circa 3:27am there was a loud bang on the door of the room next to us. And for the next four hours, all we heard was a dog barking, someone pounding the door of the room next to us, and someone screaming, "RYAN!! RYAN!!" I was drifting in out of sleep during the commotion and kept having dreams that someone was trying to get into our room and kill us. Seriously, it was the worst night of sleep I've ever had. After such a rough night we dragged our miserable sleep deprived bodies out of bed toward Portland, another three hours away.

Before getting to Portland we stopped to take photos at Multnomah Falls. It was so beautiful! It was the first time I really felt like I was getting a glimpse of what Oregon looked like. Everything was incredibly green and covered in moss.

We then continued on toward Portland. Our first impression of the city was that it seemed dirty and there wasn't much to do. After driving around for awhile we decided to just park and walk until we found food. We came upon a really cool square with food trucks everywhere and while I was waiting to order my food I heard, "Katherine?" I turned and there was a girl I had worked with at the University of Utah and her husband.

It was crazy enough that we were in the same city on the exact same day, but even crazier that we happened to be on the same square when literally moments earlier, we had just been circling, trying to find a place to park. Then while I was chatting with her, a Korean tourist stopped me and asked if we could take a picture together. So the tourist handed her phone to the girl I used to work with and then she asked Brandon to get in the picture too, and the whole situation got pretty overwhelming, haha. Finally once everything settled and the picture was taken and we said goodbye to my friends I found a place that sold shawarma and just ate some good food.

We hit up a record store and walked around, enjoying the city before deciding to just lounge in the hotel for the night. That's what's so hard about roadtrippin, you spend so much of your day trying to get to your destination that when you're finally there, you're plum tuckered out!



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  1. you look so happy in these pictures! i love the gif at the end, btw. also, that is so funny the tourist wanted a picture with you. just think, somewhere in cyberspace you are in someone's facebook album of "america" haha. also, i need to know why that person was banging on the door?? like, so badly. text me.

    the little diary

    1. EMILY

      we figured out there were two guys who were at the bar across the street and one came home early, crashed, was totally out, and he was the guy named Ryan. Then the other guy came home later and was screaming for Ryan to open the door and wake up and let him in and it never occurred to him that hey, maybe I should shut up and not be rude and let people sleep. And he kept knocking for like 4 hours like it was going to make a difference!


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