Northwest Name Day Tour Pt. 1

Sunday, October 12, 2014

photos by Connor Allen 

Hi Friends!

I've been on the road since Friday traveling up the Pacific Coast. We've dubbed the trip the North West Name Day Tour, in honor of my 21st birthday on Monday, Oct. 13th.

These are photos from Day 1, on our journey from Utah to our first stop in Boise, ID. It was our longest day of driving so the quick rest was a welcome one. Expecting little, we were pleasantly surprised at all that Boise had to offer. It's quaint and cute and there is a delicious place to get flatbread pizza and the best Mac & Cheese of all time. Lucky for us, there is a location in Sugarhouse, UT and I will be visiting there frequently.

Then we happened upon this really cool alley with graffiti art everywhere in the middle of the city center. Apparently street artists get to do whatever they want with the space and it just remains the "Freak Alley Gallery." It's amazing. Some of the pieces were really moving, others were extremely technical, and there were even some that were just plain humorous. Every once in awhile it's painted over and the artists get to start over again. It was my favorite part of the day and I was so excited to find something amazing in Idaho. I was like, "Alright Boise, we hear you. Props."

Tonight we are in Seaside, Oregon. We've traveled through Pendleton and Portland and are hanging out here until Tuesday when we make our way to La Push, WA. It's been a lot of fun and even though we're all exhausted from so much driving, we're still finding time to soak it all in. Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful week and next time you hear from me, I'll be 21 (eek!) years old.



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  1. whaat! happy birthday! looks so fun, I love the Pacific Coast, especially Oregon. that pizza looks delicious, btw! have a fun trip! :)

    1. Oregon is seriously SOOO beautiful! It's been amazing. Go try the pizza in Sugarhouse!

  2. kat, your pictures are AMAZING! love all of these! okay, my family moved to boise when i was in college. i thought it was going to be the lamest place ever - but i have actually grown to love it. freak alley is one of my favorite places there, and i am so happy that you got to experience it! enjoy the rest of your trip! xo

    1. Thanks Kayla! The best part was we just happened upon it! It was so cool. Boise is not so bad. :)


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