Sunday, June 01, 2014

I've felt heavy. For a long time. Wake up, go to work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat. Wake up, go to work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat. I felt numb. No zest for life. No passion. No motivation. Just, nothing.

And that's not me.

It's a scary thing, feeling like you've lost yourself. Feeling lost at all. It makes things really difficult. Simple things become complicated. Suddenly life choices demand decisions and you in no way feel qualified to make them. I'm not one to remain in a situation I don't enjoy for long. Life is too short and too stressful to feel weighed down. I don't have time to mince words, twiddle my thumbs and wait for change. Things have to start with me.

So I quit my job. I moved home. I bought some books. I started writing in a journal again. I'm pursuing my passions.

They seem like meaningless things, but I can already feel the effects of these changes. Life isn't meant to be endured; tolerated. It's meant to be enjoyed. I'm tired of feeling heavy. I'm ready to live again.

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  1. i also live at home. and a part of me feels like your home is close to my home. so we should hang out.
    the little diary

  2. It takes courage and a strong person to do what you did! Life is definitely meant to be enjoyed. Success is achieved in going after what you're passionate about. All the best girl.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style


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