Playing Hooky

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

dress: Modcloth | shoes: Francesca's Collections | camera: Photojojo 

I may or may not have woken up late this morning, taken a minute too long to get ready, and decided that since I was going to miss the bus anyway, I should probably just go to the zoo. I mean, that's the logical thing to do, right?

First I went to dim sum with Z and his roommate. Really yummy stuff. That pineapple bun though. So good. Then we went to the zoo, naturally. Most of it is under construction right now but it was still fun. None of us had been in the last three years. A lot of the animals were asleep because we went during the hottest part of the day and they were all lounging in the shade. That shot of the tiger, look how huge the teeth and paws are! And I wanted to take that little sand cat home with me. She was so cute and she kept pacing back and forth taking everything in around her.

It was a much needed mini adventure. I get so tired of doing the same things every single week and I can't help but wonder if that's all there is. Just cycling through and doing exactly what I've always been doing week after week after week. It's kind of stressful. That's what going to the zoo randomly is for. Breaking up routine. A healthy dose of spontaneity can cure the deepest of blues.

After the zoo, I played around with my new toy. I'd been wanting to buy an instant film camera for a long time but just didn't know what brand or what kind I wanted. This little Fujifilm camera does the trick. It's lightweight, you can adjust the settings and even do double exposures. It's also adorable. I've had fun today. And it's not even over yet. We're about to go bowling. So take a break from your life kids. Play hooky. It's good for you.



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