22 Months Later

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

photos from my photography class "Still Life" critique | *snaps for actual participation*

Hi, it's been a month since I last posted. But that's okay because I have lots to say.

I got really busy with my new job and school and midterms and I've been feeling sick but this week is spring break so I'll have some time to breathe. After I get done working full shifts everyday of course. Sometimes I resent that I have to work through school. Everyone always says, "But, you'll appreciate it so much more when you're done." Actually, I'd appreciate having someone pay for me because then I would graduate with good grades and have money left over from working so hard at all my jobs, instead of graduating completely broke and never enjoying real life breaks (aka Spring Break -now- in Mexico or something). But whatever. So it goes.

Things to note:
  • I'm writing less and it stresses me out
    • trying to work on that
  • I'm stressing about things out of my control
    • not really sure how to work on that
  • I wish I was living somewhere else
    • why yes I blame a lot of my restlessness and lack of successes on my surroundings and circumstances, what of it?
  • I keep shopping
    • what? what money issue?
  • I've got things to blog about this week though
    • *yay*
Biggest thing to note:

I had a friend come home from spending 22 months in Ukraine and while we were chatting and catching up I kept realizing that in the past 22 months, humanity has accomplished virtually nothing. (Aside from the movie Frozen which is perfect, and I'm sure many medical advances I'm not going to mention but also let's be real a mother drove her van into the ocean and also this occurred in the same years, just sayin)

I kept trying to explain to him how important these things that are just a part of my every day vernacular now that he's missed out on (ie: snapchat, instagram, retweet, hashtag, meme) and he kept dropping random Ukrainian words into our conversation and it was kind of mess. But it just made me think that hey, maybe all of these things I feel connect me so much to the world, actually take away from important things in life. Which is ironic because I'm blogging about it. I just think things in moderation are good, great even. These things are not bad by any means. And I wished I had more things to tell him about my life. Instead I just basically said, "check out my instagram @the_katalogue it'll tell you all you need to know." Food for thought.



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