Saffron Valley

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Z and I hit up an Indian restaurant called Saffron Valley last Saturday and it was amazing. Naan, that's my jam. I could eat it forever. Then we explored a nearby antique store, but it was more like an antique warehouse. With three or four floors and it was so cold in there because it would have cost a fortune to heat it. By the time we were done I couldn't feel my fingers. But it was still cool. (Eh? See what I did there?)

Anyway, all those chairs you see in that last picture, that doesn't even do it justice. They are just stacked in row and rows and rows and no one cares what happens to them. Z was like, "This is where chairs go to DIE." It was a pretty fun day.



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  1. What's this antique store called? I need to see it. Also I love that naan is your jam. Because it's the best. Also, you know that side bar on my blog where I have my favorite blogs listed? I would like to add yours. Do you have a button? If not, just send me over a picture (like your circle one on your side bar, except the original or something like that) and I will make one for you :)


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