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Thursday, December 12, 2013

-back when it was warm-

I ride public transportation nearly every day. I used to be afraid of it. Now it's just a part of life. The wait at the station, running to catch the train, strange people chatting at you, pepper spray close at hand. Good times.

I've started riding the bus to school. I found one that drops me off at the center of campus which the train doesn't even do. It was great during the warmer months when my fingers still had feeling and my toes didn't go numb while waiting outside in 23 degree weather. Today wasn't the worst experience I've ever had (Stay tuned for my worst experience ever. It involves druggies, me, alone, and maybe escorts. Another time though.) but it was pretty bad. The bus was scheduled to arrive at 8:11am, I got to the stop at 7:56am. It didn't arrive until 8:17am. I waited for nearly 20 minutes in the snow and found that I was severely underdressed for the weather. Then when I was on campus the other bus I have to take (#commuterlife) was also late. And I'm like, "You. Are. Public transportation!! You can't be late! People aka me (unwillingly) depend on you!"

On that note: winter fashion. That is not a thing. For me anyway. I seriously only own maybe 5 pairs of pants. 4 of which are jean pants, 3 of 5 are black. All I have are skirts and dresses and cute polka dot tights and I'm just freezing out there. I don't have winter clothes and I get home with cold toes every night no matter how many pairs of socks I put on. Also all my "cute" and "fashionable" boots have absolutely NO TRACTION. I don't understand. If anyone knows about cute boots with traction hook a sister up because I have been slipping all over the place. Haven't had the first fall of the year yet. *knocks on wood vigorously*

Anyway, have a good night and here are a few links to get you through (or distract you from finals).

This mom doe.
I just really like the eclectic mix of these apartments. I want a house full of treasures. From travels.
This planner is on my Christmas list. (s/o to Emily) Santa...friends...anyone?
I'm a girl okay? And girls look at weddings when we're supposed to be studying. And these people are beautiful.
This blog is stunning. I adore it. I just get lost scrolling. It makes me happy.
Things necessary to the success of your life. Or at least mine.

Stay warm!


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  2. So I found that rain boots were my best bet when it came to traction plus cute. Also I love you. And miss you.


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